Will there be a Download for DroidSheep again? German law does not make any difference between “hacking-tools” and “tools for security analysis” and I´m actually not going to add the APK to the website again, even if the only reason for Droidsheepwas the possility to check your security easily. Will there be an DroidSheep for iPhone? No. But there might be some other possibilities to get DroidSheep:

  • Sourcecode is public available, anyone can compile it for himself
  • Author of DroidCat said, he´ll add DroidSheep to his program, which might be available in the new version in april

DroidSheep / DroidSheep Guard is recognized as a Virus / Malware? I do not really know, what makes them think this software is a virus. I THINK, some tools find out about “DroidSheep Guard” reading the systems ARP-Table for monitoring it, and think this is potentially malicious. So in case of DroidSheep anybody can check the sourcecode and ensure there is no bad thing inside. How to protect?

  • Enable HTTPS whenever possible! (Facebook, Twitter etc. offer the possibility to enable SSL, you just have to google where to find the button…)
  • Use VPN tunnel (You´ll find enough manuals in the internet)
  • Do not use unencrypted (HTTP) Sites on public networks
  • “DroidSheep Guard” can help you to to be warned in case of attacks, but there is no complete protection by this app!