DroidSheep Guard

DroidSheep demonstrates  simplicity of session hijacking within a WiFi-Network — just a single click and your facebook, ebay, twitter, linkedin, … account is taken over by an adversary – and you´re defenceless…

When I developed DroidSheep for my Bachelor Thesis, I was seriously surprised and frightened of using any public WiFi.

So I developed a simple tool – DroidSheep Guard – which helps to determine if an attack is running on the network you´re currently using.

DroidSheep Guard runs silently and monitores your phones ARP-Table. As long as everything looks normal, it will be invisible. But in case it detects suspicious entries in your phones ARP-Table, it will pop up and warn you. If you want, the WiFi connection is disabled immediately to protect your accounts.

DroidSheep Guard works with all ARP-Based attacks, like DroidSheep and Faceniff use and even “handmade” attacks will be identified.

DroidSheep Guard works ON ALL ANDROID PHONES! (not only rooted ones!)

Read more about DroidSheep Guard on the Usage page