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Maybe you heard about “DroidSheep” or “DroidSheep Guard” and your are looking for information about these apps.

DroidSheep [Root] is an Android app for Security analysis in wireless networks and capturing facebook, twitter, linkedin and other accounts.

DroidSheep Guard is another Android app for monitoring Androids ARP-table. It tries to detect ARP-Spoofing on the network, such as an attack by DroidSheep, FaceNiff and other software.

Please notice:
DroidSheep was developed as a tool for testing the security of your accounts and is based on my Bachelor thesis with title “Session Hijacking on Android Devices”. This software is neither made for using it in public networks, nor for hijacking any other persons account.
It should only demonstrate the poor security properties network connections without encryption have.

So do not get DroidSheep to harm anybody or use it in order to gain unauthorized access to any account you do not own! Use this software only for analyzing your own security!